The world is now full of responsible companies taking steps towards helping the environment. At Cash For Cars Pasadena, we want to do our part to lessen the impact of the car industry on the environment. That is why we have crafted a “Cash For Junk Cars” program that everyone can get behind. This program is designed to have a real world impact that people from every walk of life can appreciate. The benefits to our program are extensive and we believe that it is a win-win program in every sense.

The Benefits

  • Saves Local Water Sources – When they are placed in landfills, junk cars have been proven to spread pollution. Rainwater transfers pollutants from the metal frames into the soil and the local environment. By keeping vehicles out of landfills, future pollution can be averted.
  • Saves Resources – When the steel, other metals, rubber, and plastic is recycled, the demand for the production of new materials is diminished. This saves the electricity, the fuel, and the other resources that companies use to fabricate new materials.
  • Contributes to the Economy – New cars are produced using increasingly greater amounts of recycled metal. By participating in our program, you can keep this trend going. This will help keep the cost of new car production down and therefore work towards lowest new car prices.
  • Lessens the Effects of Exhaust – By recycling vehicles that are too old or broken down to pass the emissions tests, the effects of their exhaust is removed from our roads and from our environments. Combined with the production of  environmentally friendly vehicles helps keep our crowded roads and our air cleaner.
  • Puts Cash in Your Pocket – To participate in the program, follow the same process that is used to sell any other vehicle which is listed under the “Sell Your Car” section of the site. We will make you a cash offer for your junk car and come to you to tow it away for free.

Our program is designed to contribute to a changing industry but it all starts with junk car owners. So, if you have multiple junk vehicles that are on your property, don’t wait for them to start leaking hazardous materials on your driveway or in your yard. Call today because you could be sitting on easy cash.