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It seems that economic trouble is just one misstep away nowadays. Rising caps on credit card APR rates and non fixed rate home loans can quickly cause a world of trouble for you and your family. It can feel helpless, waiting for a paycheck that won’t cover expenses. Choosing which bills to pay and which to forgo paying in order to keep necessities like food and rent covered can easily keep you up at night. Considering a payday or personal loan? These could strain you even more, digging you into a financial hole that you would be hard pressed to ever get out of. You may think that you have eliminated all potential options to get cash fast enough to cover upcoming expenses.


Have you thought of selling a vehicle? You may have, before you realized that finding a private buyer can take months and that is time that you just don’t have. At Cash For Cars Pasadena, we have can offer a solution. We buy new, used, and junk cars from Pasadena residents every day. While many people still choose to list their vehicles on the private market in hopes of making “that extra buck,” our clients complete the selling process within days of making a call to us without ever posting photos of their vehicles or giving test drives to strangers.


But what if you have a car that is in poor condition? Even minor cosmetic damage can cause most potential buyers to think twice before making an offer. We regularly buy cars in every type of condition. We buy new cars that are in pristine condition; we buy used cars that have minor exterior damage or engine troubles; we even buy junk cars that have serious mechanical problems or extensive interior and exterior damage. Don’t sink more money into your car in the hopes that it will become more sellable. Honest mechanics will tell you that the money you put into it will not be recovered in the sale. Instead, you can call us and sell your car as is. Even if your car is in such bad condition that you are ready to take it to a landfill, we still might make you an offer based on the price of its salvageable metal, rubber, and plastic.


Don’t wait to get the money you need for your expenses, call us today and see how easy selling a car can be!